Justice For Larry Green

"For the third year in a row the number of exonorations in the United States has hit a record high. A total of 166 wrongly convicted people whose convictions date back as far as 1964 were declared innocent...."
-Time Magazine

The Truth About Larry

A Protagonist is the main character of a story. The protagonist is at the center of the story and is the primary source propelling the story forward and is often the character who faces the most significant obstacles.


Larry Green’s conviction was based on the false testimony of one of the accomplices in the crime, Anthony Harris,  who became a paid informant. The false testimony was suborned by at least one of the homicide investigators, Earl Sanders,  who has a well-known proven record of similar police misconduct in other cases. The paid informant, Anthony Harris,  was given immunity from prosecution , a $30,000 reward and a new identity.

Anthony Harris, the informant, said Larry Green then drove the van to an isolated place, took Quita Hague out of the van some distance and,  armed with a machete, repeatedly stabbed her until she was dead. He said Larry Green took her wedding ring off of her finger and, later that night gave it to Anthony Harris to give to his fiance, who was to marry in a few days time. Jesse Lee Cooks then took Richard Hague from the vehicle and repeatedly stabbed him also and left him for dead. Although Richard Hague  was severly wounded he survived the attempted murder.


In the crimes  committed on the night of October 23, 1973 , Larry Green was not identified as one of the perpetrators by any of the victims nor the police only by the informant Anthony Harris. The children who were the target of the failed kidnap two of which , according to the informant, were in the arms of Larry Green did not identify Larry Green but they identify Jesse Lee Cooks. The two officers who pulled up next to the van and questioned the occupants , identified Jesse Lee Cooks and Anthony Harris, but did not identify Larry Green as one of the occupants. Most importantly, Richard Hague, who was kidnapped along with his wife and was  within a few feet of the kidnappers outside of the van and were within inches  of them when they were placed inside the van did not Identify Larry Green as one of the perpetrators although he identified Jesse Lee Cooks. This is astounding when considering that the law enforcement personnel undoubtable strongly encouraged him to identify all of the perpetrators to ensure a more “air tight” case. However, despite the fact that none of  the perpetrators were masked and that neither he nor his wife were blindfolded, Richard Hague identified  Jesse Lee Cooks  but did not identify the man who the informant Anthony Harris said, hacked his wife to death.

The informant said that Larry Green took the wedding ring from Quita Hague’s finger after killing her and that he gave the ring to Anthony Harris to give to his fiancee who he married three days later. Seven months later when the case was solved his fiancee was still wearing the ring. Richard Hague identified the ring as being his wife’s wedding ring. If the  police examined the ring for Larry Green’s fingerprints on the ring  it was not there. If the ring is examined today for Larry Green’s DNA they will not find it, because Larry Green did not kill Quita Hague nor take her wedding ring from her finger.