Justice For Larry Green

Zebra Case Summary

The Zebra Murder Case was perhaps the most notorious criminal case in San Francisco history. Between the October 1973 and April 1974, a series of random attacks occurred in which Black perpetrators attacked white victims that resulted in score of injuries and 15 murders and the city of San Francisco in panic. The case was not broken until the city offered a $30,000 reward and published a fictitious picture of a suspect that prompted one of the perpertrators to call homicide investigators. That accomplice, Anthony Harris , made a deal to testify against others in exchange for immunity from persecution, the $30,000 reward and a new identity. Anthony Harris’ eventual testimony resulted in the conviction of 4 men, all Muslims,  who were all sentenced to life in prison. Among the convicted, Larry Green,who was only convicted of the first of the series of murders,  has proclaimed his innocence for the 45 years that he has been incarcerated. We believe Mr Green and are committed to proving his innocence claim. Some of the reasons we believe he is a victim of Anthony Harris’ false testimony suborned by the police misconduct of a least one of the homicide investigators Earl Sanders who is infamous for similar proven behavior in numerous other cases include the following:

1. Larry Green was not identified by any of the victims of the crimes he was accused of participating in nor the police who came upon the vehicle with 2 victims inside.

2. All the victims of these crimes and the police who came upon the vehicle however identified the informant, Anthony Harris and the other  accused perpertrator, Jessie Lee Cooks

3. The husband, Richard Haque, of the victim, his wife Quita Haque,  who was savagely murdered in this crime despite being within feet or in fact a few inches of the perpetrators together in the vehicle did not and could not identify Larry Green despite neither perpetrators nor victims being masked.

4. The informant, Anthony Harris, claims after killing Quite Haque, Larry Green removed her wedding ring and later gave it to him to give to his fiance, Carolyn Patton, who he married a few days after this crime. Harris’ fiance was wearing the ring six months latter when the case was broken. we believe the ring does not contain the DNA of Larry Green if it still exist in thepolice evidence archives of these crimes.