Justice For Larry Green

The Informant

Anthony Harris

Anthony Harris was an accomplice in the crimes that became known as the Zebra Murders, the first of which, on October 20, 1973,  was the kidnap of Richard and Quita Hague that ended in the brutal machete attack on Richard Harris and the savage murder of his wife Quita. Anthony Harris  became an informant in exchange for immunity from prosecution, a new identity and a $30,000 reward on condition that others were tried and convicted of the crimes. It was on Anthony Harris’ tainted  testimomy alone that  Larry Green was convicted of the kidnap and murder of Quita Hague. The California First District Court of Appeal stipulated, ” No witness, however, other than Harris identified Green as the third black man in the van on the night of Octocer 20, 1973. ” Anthony Harris’  identification of Larry Green was not confirmed by any of the victims in the crimes he was accused of that night although the actual perpetrators were unmasked and were within inches of the unblindfolded victims. Two police officers,  Bruce Marovich and Benjamin McAlister,  did identify Jessie Lee Cooks and the  informant, Anthony Harris as occupants of the van but did not identify Larry Green.


According to the  appeal cited above,  Harris testified that ( Jessie Lee ) Cooks pulled out  a gun and held it in Mr. Hague’s back.  Hague testified that it was the other black man who pointed the pistol at him. Richard Hague did not identify that  other black man  as Larry Green.

Also quoting from the above appeal, the informants wife, Carolyn Parron, contradicts his testimony as follows:

“Carolyn Patton  testified  that one night ( before the 11 o’clock T.V. news ) in October ( 1973 ) Harris came  to her apartment at 68 Hilltop Road, He was wearing a black suit with a Nehru collar  and a pink shirt which was covered with blood.  Harris testified that he had only a speck of blood on the lapel of his suit and that he never had a pink shirt. Carolyn asked Harris about the blood on his clothes and he said ” he was out killing folks, ” or ” devils.  ” Harris  testified that he had told her ” they  (  Cooks and Green ) had been out killing folks. Carolyn testified that Harris burned his bloody shirt. Harris denied it. Carolyn  testified that Harris  gave her a ring while she was in the kitchen that night, and that she retired to the bedroom. She testified that Harris filled a trash can with water and went outside with it, but she did not go outside to see what he was doing. She testified that she did not see Green or Cooks or anyone else with Harris at her home that night. “

Anthony Harris testified that Larry Green repetedly stabbed Quita Hague with a machete but his testimony was contrary to the autopsy report which showed that she was only killed with one blow.  Defense attorney’s argued that Anthony Harris’ years  of marshall arts training and skill allowed him to be able to inflict such a blow and that he was that real killer of  Mrs Hague.

In another of the Zebra case murders that occurred on November 25, 1973, Saleem  Erakat was found shot to death in a washroom located in the back of his store.  Erakat’s wallet and wrist watch were also stolen. Although the informant, Anthony Harris, testified to the grand jury he had never been inside Saleem Erakat’s store, his palmprint was found on the door knob of the washroom where Erakat’s body was found. A single  expended cartridge from a 32 was found on the floor below the knob. Mr Erakat’s wristwatch was recovered from a pawn shop where Harris had hocked it. A witness also saw a man standing in the recessed entry to the store about the time of the murder. That witness identified that man as Anthony Harris.


There was nearly one year between the beginning of the trial and  the time Anthony Harris had come forward to try to claim the $30,000 reward and total immunity from prosecution based on who he said were the true perpetrators of the radom attacks and murders. Earl Sanders, one of the homicide investigators reveals that before the beginning of the trial Anthony Harris recanted all the accusations he made against Larry Green and the other accused defendents. He wrote letters to President Gerald Ford and John Muhammad, the Minister of Temple No. 26 in San Francisco denying everything that he had previously said. However, before the trail, Anthony Harris returned to the claims that he had previosly made. One important question is was he given addition incentives to testify that were not disclosed to the defence. If so, this would be a gross violation of the defendents rights to a fair trial.